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4 Exciting New Features To Make Your Day Better

Ever wish you could share a list of places to a friend? Or maybe find a few things to do in a new city for a short stay?

Well wish no longer, folks. Our app OneScreen can do just that along with a few other neat features.

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1.) Collections

Okay, so we mentioned the list of places thing earlier.

Let’s talk about it!

OneScreen offers a concise user-experience to allow you to collect and share any special place you come across. Remember that hefty chunk of gelato you got from your favorite local ice cream shop? Or how about that fried chicken stop on the corner of K-town that you might never find again because you were—let’s say a little under the influence that night?

With OneScreen anytime you find a place that is worth its weight in sharing gold—well you can do just that!

Create collections and curate your new findings to the world. Find those niche corners of the city, those demure coffee shops, those beautiful rooftop balconies, or those new “best” doughnuts—all with OneScreen.

2.) Finding Collections

Are you prepared to get all the street cred from your friends for finding their new favorite Karaoke spot first?


Good. Because not only is OneScreen a place where you can add places you’ve already been to but you can see other people’s collections based on your preferences and relive their adventures yourself.

Are you a connoisseur of the fine arts?

Browse our curated art collections!

Are you an adrenaline buff looking for that outdoor sporting arena of your dreams?

Check out the fitness and athletics section!

Are you just bored in a city you’ve never been to?


Well… you get the drift.


3.) Suggested Pins

Just looking for a pit stop near you?

OneScreen will also suggest new places to try based on your preferences and proximity. Look around the map and find plenty of hot new restaurants, bars, events, and more!


4.) Connecting Apps

Have a busy day ahead?

Make sure you never miss a meeting again by connecting OneScreen to Google Calendars, Facebook, Eventbrite and more with our intuitive map interface.

Connect your life and be more productive with OneScreen today!

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