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5 Apps for Fast Language Learning

Looking for the best Italian language app? How about the easiest way to learn Korean?


Well, you’re in luck!

We’ve compiled a list of 5 great apps that you can use to get you fluent in no time.

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1.) Duolingo

Let’s get this one out of the way. Duolingo is massive and millions of users use it – and for good reason. Duolingo’s slick interface and easy UX experience makes learning fun and interactive. It puts you in courses where you can learn at your own pace and keeps you motivated with its sticky design. Not only that but the number of languages you can practice are unmatched so you can get a taste of any tongue from German to Chinese! The community at Duolingo is also fairly active and has several user-created courses—there’s even a plan to implement Elvish dialects from Lord of the Rings!

2.) TinyCards

TinyCards comes from the same develops as Duolingo and it’s made with the same fun, easy-to-use interface. You can pull from a large collections of decks made by others for studying and even make your own to keep your study game strong. While there are many apps like this one (and we’ve even written about Tinycards before) – we’ve found TinyCards to be the most engaging and helpful for learning.


3.) Memrise

Memrise is a great way to go more in-depth once you get the basics of a language. For most languages, it has a few tracks from beginner, intermediate, to advanced. Once you get the firm grasp of basics, the latter courses really shine – giving you euphemisms, native phrases, and figures of speech.


4.) Accellastudy

Accellastudy has a few different apps depending on which language you want to learn. Each one is available offline and differs only in the word selection. Accellastudy incorporates different modes of study including flashcards, audio quizzes, timed repetition, and others to maximize learning.


You can even supplement your tracked learning with customized study sets to really nail those problem areas for a test or a quiz.


5.) Google Translate

Look, we’ve all had a problem or two with Google Translate. From an awkward translation to a distant relative or this hilariously mismatched Frozen cover – nothing’s perfect. But as Google updates its language intake and algorithms, Google Translate gets better. And there’s no other interface that can get you out of a quick miscommunication than this one. Type in the word and Google Translate gives you a few returns in context so you can choose which one fits the best per the situation. The app also saves your searches offline so if you’re traveling you can look up exactly what phrase you’ll need if you’ve looked it up before.

Just make sure this you don’t fall victim to this Google Bomb!

Whether you’re looking for the best Italian language app or just trying to pass AP French (we got a list of great apps for students too), we’re sure you’ll find what you need to succeed on this list.

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