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5 ENFP Productivity Tricks

Ever find yourself wanting to do everything all the time? One second, you’re dreaming about being the best copywriter in town and the next minute you’re building your UX masterpiece?

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Maybe you’re a sales suavecito closing in on the next big lead with some genuine conversation or maybe you’re a social media wiz – carefully crafting your corner of the web with engaging content.

If you’re firing on all of these gears at once – you may be an ENFP. The Bob Dylans and The Dr. Seuss’ of the world. Living life to the fullest and – possibly spreading yourself too thin?


If you feel this way, don’t be alarmed – we’ve made this list of tricks for a reason!

As an ENFP, you have some of the most amazing gifts and creative abilities on the market. But it can be hard balancing all of your ideas at once.


Every ENFP feels like there’s not enough hours in a day to do it all – including this one right here.

Just look at this face.


Anddd that’s why we made this list of productivity tips just for you:

5 ENFP Productivity Tricks

1.) Make Lists: 

Well what did you expect?


This one is simple but it’s tried and true. How many times have you wanted to write copy for your landing page and then get sidetracked with something you didn’t even intend to work on?


You can go from editing the perfect blog to striking up a natural conversation about a co-worker’s weekend in seconds. But without a proper reminder of the tasks at hand – you could end up with a lot of nothing to show for it.


Hunkering down and spending the first few minutes of your workday listing everything you need to do is a simple technique but you’d be surprised how much time it saves yours truly on a weekly basis.


2.) Prioritize!



Being an ENFP, life can come at you pretty quickly.

And your urgency may seem to shift by the hour:

Let’s say you meant to fill out the KPI Sheet but then Carol needed help with her HootSuite feed and then Steve wanted to brainstorm some long-tail keyword phrases —

You get the idea.



Take your newly written lists and prioritize them.

This is a great way to hold yourself accountable and avoid spreading yourself too thin.


3.) Set Time Aside


I cannot stress this one enough:


A lot to do in a day?


Try scheduling a 15 minute block of alone time.

Take this break to catch up on briefs, respond to emails, and double check your work.

This can help get a new perspective on the work that you’ve created – whether you’re copywriting, designing, or scheduling posts for the day.


You can even take this time to get up and walk around a bit.

The inspiration that you’re looking is right around the corner!


4.) Take Responsibility



At the end of the day, these are tips to help guide your workflow – but you have to own up to YOUR own work.

Take the first step in asking how to do something if you’re not sure.

Or be the first one to admit you made a mistake.

These two things alone will go a long way in your growth and professional skills.

If you see yourself as a responsible part of the company – others will take notice.


Who is that strapping young go-getter admitting his/her mistakes and taking initiative in this office” – Senior Co-worker, probably


5.) Recalibrate and Get Better


Now that you’ve gone through a work day zeroed in. Take notice of all the things that you’ve done and be proud –

But then get ambitious.


You’ve done so much in the day but you can always try to get a step ahead.

I keep a KPI sheet to help track my personal progress at work.

It may seem over-the-top but as ENFP’s anything we can use to form consistent habit and workflow is good.


An artist rendition of the author’s KPI sheet of his dreams featured below:

5 ENFP Tips to Live Your Best Life

Whether you’re building the next best website, developing your next best sales pitch – or somewhere in between, we hope this list of ENFP tips can help your workflow.

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