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5 Simple Photoshop Shortcuts That Will Speed Up Your Workflow


Content creation is the bread and butter of any growing organization.

Whether you’re making vector images, photo editing, or GIFs – every company with any social presence needs content.

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Flawless Content

Chief among creative content software is Adobe Photoshop

With its flexible functionality and wide uses, it seems to be everywhere.

We put together a small list of 5 important shortcuts so you can quickly and seamlessly crank out great social content.


5 Great Photoshop Shortcuts to Speed Up Your Workflow:

1.) Invert Selection: Cmd-Shift-I


Before I knew about this shortcut – I always wondered to myself how on earth am I going to select everything BUT this object.

Now that I’ve got this little selection trick, I just toss a magic wand over the target area, hit Cmd-Shift-I and get the show on the road.

Try it out and save yourself tons of time.

2.) Toggle Guides: Cmd + ;


If you’re making something that requires precision you’re obviously going to be using guides to make sure everything is clean and accurate.

Turn on your ruler and place your guides by dragging them out from the sides of the screen.

Once these are set, you can work using these guides problem free.

If they get in the way – just hit Cmd + ; and it’ll toggle them right off so you can see what it’s blocking. Afterwards, just toggle it back on and you’re good to go!


3.) Clone Selection: Alt – Drag


Trying to make multiple of the same images quickly? Just select it, hold the Alt-key and  drag the image. Presto – a quick and easy way to duplicate and move shapes around.


4.) Move Layers in Stack: Cmd + [ or ]


Sometimes layers can get in the way – you can move them around quickly instead of dragging them around clunkily using this shortcut.

Hold Cmd and toggle [ or ] to move them back and forth.

You can even hold shift alongside Cmd to send the selected layer all the way to the front or back.


5.) Cmd + J


Duplicating a layer shouldn’t involve an entire process.

Finding the duplicate button and then tapping it could feel like it really breaks your flow.

 Instead try this one out – hold Cmd and tap J to quickly clone your selected layer.

Quick and easy – a simple way to keep that mojo going.


5 Helpful Photoshop Shortcuts to Increase Productivity

With these simple tools, you’ll be able to work through your content backlog in no time.

Stay creative. Stay productive, folks.


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