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6 Useful Apps for Students (You Might Not Know)

We all know how busy life can get. We know even more how much busier it can be when you’re a student.

Whether you’re contemplating dropping that minor to save your floundering GPA or having to sprint across the quad to get to the next class, life can be pretty hard.

That’s why we listed 6 of the Most Useful Apps for University Students

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Documents App Logo

Let me tell you. This free school app is a real lifesaver. Documents comes together and connect all of your files into one place. Got an essay in Google Drive? How about an video in Dropbox? It can all be found in Documents with compatibility also with Microsoft Onedrive, Box, and Apple iCloud.

iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro App Logo

This university student app is great for the busy bee studying for that Summa Cum Laude GPA. iStudiez Pro helps manage class schedules, teacher contacts, upcoming assignments, and more. Keep track of all of your academics with this free school app.

Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro Example Image

Going through that final month trauma of that major paper?

Scanner Pro is the perfect college app for you.

With Scanner Pro, you can easily scan papers, workbooks, and even receipts with your iPhone camera. Save it as a PDF and add it to your Google Drive or Dropbox. Even better, once they’re in the app you can edit them on-the-fly! No other mobile app delivers a clean and user-friendly PDF experience.


RefMe Ad Photo

Not enough time to open up that MLA guidelines sheet and brute force your way through all of the citations in your final paper?

Try Refme, an easy to use application that puts together citations and bibliographies at the press of a button. This college student app is like an on-the-go Easybib without all of the hassle. Available on both iOs and Android – this app for university and high school students really is the ultimate timesaver.

Tinycards Ad Image

Need a study buddy?

Well you have just that with Tinycards. From the creators of Duolingo, Tinycards is great way to test yourself with flashcards. With an efficient shuffle feature and sleek interface, this application is the perfect study app for college and high school students. Now you can ace that vocabulary quiz with Tinycards in your back pocket.

iTunes U

iTunes U Logo

Need help with a certain subject? Maybe just even interested in a topic?

iTunes U is the perfect tool for that go-getter university student who wants to be on top. This app provides students with free lectures and coursework for review sessions.  From Harvard and more, there is a huge library of information this to take from on iTunes U.

Earn Those A’s

With these useful school apps, you can be sure that your next semester will be a breeze! Make your life easier with these great applications otherwise you could end up like this guy—

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