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8 Online Academies for Productivity

With a 9 to 5 job, it can be hard to learn something new

A full time job generally means you spend most of your energy working on the same old and not learning what you want to learn.

Night classes can be a pain to go to and be inconveniently located or scheduled.

That’s why MOOCs are so great:

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MOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses are online programs where students can access information freely and easily. MOOCs can help you maximize your time and learning potential through its convenience and ease of access.

Which MOOC is right for you and your professional needs?

Check Out this List of 9 Online Academies to Help You Succeed:



Founded in 2007 by Eren Bali, Udemy has since become a powerful resource for self-starting individuals.

Aimed at professional adults – Udemy offers a variety of collegiate level coursework offered to the public.

Ranging in tuition fees, Udemy is a great and easy way to learn a new skill while working at a 9 to 5 job.

With a wide selection of work and a user rating system to give the benefit of a course – you can tell when a class is going to give you the right bang for your buck.

There is also the added benefit of Udemy always offering crazy discounts and sales:

From 90% discounts to holiday fares – Udemy gives a lot to its users who are trying to go above and beyond in their professional  lives.

It even persuaded this frugal author to spend a few on a sale – 4 high quality courses for $40?

That’s crazy!



Though Udacity offers a relatively small course selection, the classes it does offer are focused and deep.

Operating on an interesting Nanodegree platform where students generally study for 10 hours a week with experienced mentors and leads.

Resources and personnel are drafted strictly for the course curriculum and draw from Google, HTC, Unite, and more.

Learn how to program self-driving cars, operate in ARKit, or data mine important information all within Udacity’s boundaries.

Udacity also boasts a variety of free courses to get your feet wet and its pricing structure can be either course based or on a monthly basis – making it easy to opt out if a course is not what you were looking for.


General Assembly

General Assembly is a private, for-profit educational organization founded in early 2011 in Manhattan.

Since then it too has grown into a strong go-to for learning new practical skills especially in technology.

The organization directs its focus on providing courses ranging from business development to data science and web coding.

With experts leading the charge, students can be assured that they will be getting good experience and a valuable portfolio to showcase their hard earned work.

Choose different paths ranging from full-time (10-13 weeks), part-time (evening/weekend program or a 1-week accelerated course), or a course completely online.

GA also is supported by many employers with over 45% of its part-time students being employer-sponsored.

With in-demand skill sets and a fast-paced environment, General Assembly is a solid choice for you to gain more assets.



Recently purchased by Linkedin – Lynda has become a household name for self-learning.

Founded in 1995, Lynda produces compact and informative video tutorials taught by industry experts.

Boasting 6000+ courses with topics ranging from Business to Creative Skills, Lynda has content to spare. Another platform heralding expert teachers in all fields, Lynda stands with the rest.

If you’ve never accessed their membership, Lynda offers a 30-day free trial where users can explore and learn to their hearts content.

Members have unlimited access to watch the videos and courses – primarily being in English but offering course loads in French, and Spanish among others.



The Coursera front page says “Take the World’s Best Courses, Online”.

Partnering with leading US universities around the world, it’s hard to deny they have some pretty powerful work.

Coursera provides online courses covering a variety of subject with affiliations from Upenn, John Hokpins University, and even international schools like Utretch University and the University of Tokyo.

Coursera also implements specializations which have 10 different course pathways that lead to an official certification from the associated university.

From date science to music theory – Coursera is accessible and a relatively cheap option for you go-getters.


Khan Academy

A well known non-profit organization, Khan Academy gained notoriety for its reliable courses and short informative youtube videos.

Alongside its youtube empire, the website also includes supplementary practice exercises and educational materials.

Originally, started when Sal Khan wanted to tutor his cousin online – his videos quickly gained traction once he started posting them online.

Now you can enjoy his lessons and content free – with courses from kindergarten classes to practical exercises for an older demographic.



Codeacademy is focused on online coding classes (Shocker).

With over 45 million users worldwide, Codeacademy’s reach has grown quite far.

Codeacademy focuses on the tech industry which means it holds a variety of in-demand courseworks – from free coding classes range and Python to SQL.

The platform also provides courses for learning command line and Git.

The site is mostly free with a paid “pro” option that gives users access to a more personalized learning plan with quizzes and live help from advisors.



With its logo “Study Anywhere!” Iversity specializes in providing lectures from higher education.

The big benefit here are that courses are free and open for anyone to enroll and participate.

Being based in Berlin, many of the classes are either conducted in English or German – though there are other languages Iversity can be taught in (and you can search via languages).

With cooperation from individual professors and various European universities, Iversity’s infrastructure is great for an in-depth and layered learning experience.


8 Online Academies for Professional Development

Learning a new skill can be hard.

But with modern technology and a little bit of pep in your step – you can learn the right skills to get ahead.

Skim through some of these awesome sites for learning and develop you career into what you want it to be.


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