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Best Apps for Easy GIF Creation

The GIF is a beautiful manmade creation – possibly rivaling the Pyramids of Giza and the Hanging Gardens.

Case in point.


Place them into your WordPress blog and boom you have immediately more engaging material.

Not only does it create an engaging piece of content for your audience but it also breathes fresh life into old content – turning stale work to evergreen bite-sized eye candy.

We know the software to buy Photoshop or After Effects can be a bit pricey on a budget so why not try your hand at one of these tools for easy GIF-making potential instead?


Check out these 5 easy GIF-making apps to improve your content productivity and widen your audience:

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This app recently launched in the iTunes store and it’s been a very nice addition.

Momento is an easy easy (we can’t stress this enough) way to make GIFS.

Momento accesses your camera and makes GIF making a breeze.

This app automatically turns your photos into GIFs for easy sharing – just scroll through its library which syncs up with your own.

The only problem is that Momento leaves an overlay on your GIF. If that’s fine with your project, then there’s nothing to worry about!


A part of Giphy’s website – and quite possibly the least elegant example on this list. It may not look like much but it gets the job done.

This is a useful tool for making GIFs from YouTube.

Make a GIF anywhere from around 3-30 seconds with ease.



Instagram’s Boomerang isn’t necessarily a GIF maker but it’s a pretty close approximation.

Boomerang makes mp4’s instead of GIFs but loops it in a way that plays back and forth.


This app has a basic roster of filters and only records short blips of video.

These video are generally 2.5 seconds.

Unlike Boomerang, the app automatically saves both an mp4 and a GIF version of everything you make.

It will also upload these files to your VSCO account.


Tumblr App

Tumblr added a GIF-making feature on its iOS app.

With this feature, you can select the “Compose” button then choose “Photo”.  

You can select a live photo, video, or series of stills from your camera roll.

Tumblr  adds a little badge to the corner to indicate format compatibility.

You can then edit the GIF with filters, captions, and tags.

The feature has the same basic speed, loop, crop, and sizing tools.

You can then send them straight to your blog on Tumblr.


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