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The 9 Calendar Apps You Need To Know

The best and brightest always have a set goal and plan.

Most use calendars to navigate through the perils of a busy life.

We want you to be just as bright – so here’s a list of our favorite calendar apps to schedule your day!


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1.) Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 is a practical app.

Not only does it work with your phone but also your iPad and Apple Watch.

It also takes advantage of 3D touch and force touch so the interface feels smooth and intuitive.

Fantastical 2 also supports multiple languages and can use speech to create reminders for those quick hits on the go.

The app also boosts a geofence locator that will trip reminders once you leave a certain area.

Always forget to buy milk at the grocery store?

Set a reminder for right when you walk in the door so it’ll be the first thing you grab when you get in. (Check out our post about managing this exact task)


2.) CloudCal

This app is for great for Android users. CloudCal has an incredibly unique and engaging way of showing off that busy schedule.


CloudCal uses a system called Magic Circles. These circles turn the days of the month into neat clock faces. These faces are color coded and segmented into different circles depending on the task and the time.


For example, if your friend’s birthday CloudCal will put that event into a circle. Within that circle let’s say, you have an errand to run – the circle within would be colored differently.

Pretty neat, huh?

The app also features gesture support, customizable views, calendar import, and API with Uber, Maps, and Waze.


3.) Calendars 5

Calendar 5 is a great calendar app.

It works with both iPhone and iPad so you can keep track of events across iOS devices.

The interface is intuitive and can create new events, schedules, and alerts.

Enter “meet Kyle for a coffee at La Colombe on Monday” – and Calendars 5 will input all of the info for Monday.

Dragging the event to another place is easy and it replaces the event on all devices.

Set recurring events, custom alerts, and invite others to events/tasks.


4.) Tiny Calendar

Tiny Calendar is a great and simple alternative to the big name calendars.

The free version lets you do basic calendar tasks without sacrificing usability – work offline, sync edits, and info across devices.

You can also see multiple layouts and create reminders that will notify you either through push notifications or via email.

Utilize the device’s GPS to add specific locations to events, forgoing the need to look up directions later.

Sync Tiny Calendar with local calendars or Google Calendar if you need to.

The only caveat with this calendar though is that there are a few ads in its interface.

5.) aCalendar

aCalendar is an easy way to navigate between calendar views and increments of time.


The UI/UX is incredibly easy and feels great to use.


You can swipe left or right to change between daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly views. You can swipe up or down to move forward and backward in time.

Three consecutive taps can be customized to trigger certain actions. And a slightly longer press can create a new event.

What makes aCalendar great is this simplicity of design.

As far as features go, the free version of aCalendar is capable of pulling birthdays from contact lists and adding them automatically.

You can also import photos for those events.

aCalendar also has several widgets for your agenda and full screen widgets for each of the calendar views and dates.

You can manage your Google Calendar and set recurring events as well as share events using QR codes/NFC barcodes.


6.) Jorte Calendar & Organizer

Jorte is an organizer app for your entire life.

Sync up with a number of other calendars, note-taking apps, and task managers.

Jorte works well with Google Task, Evernote, and even Microsoft Office.


The app is supported by a dedicated cloud service which can be used to sync data across devices, create backup calendars, and share them with other users.

Monthly, weekly, and daily views can change the starting day of the week from Sunday.

Countdown features tell you how many days you have left for an event.

Jorte also supports recurring events and provides you with easy set-up to events every week, bi-weekly, yearly, or first day of the month.

Not only that but Jorte can act as a diary with photo and comments.

7.) Business Calendar 2


Its design and aesthetic is a little blasé admittedly but what Business Calendar 2 lacks in style – it makes up for in efficiency.

It is an easy to use event calendar and task management tool.

Recurring reminders and events, multiple views, and support for holiday/birthday notifications are also given.

1 unique feature BC2 has going for it is its heat map – when viewing your schedule in the year view, the heat map makes it easier to find free days that don’t have any other plans tied to them.

Great for seeing where those busy areas are in your life and setting up plans with friends!

8.) DigiCal Calendar Agenda

DigiCal offers seven different view modes and many customizable widgets.

Sync with Google Calendar, Outlook, and Exchange – it doesn’t appear as though you can share with others however. Add holidays, sports, and tv schedules.

Take advantage of DigiCal’s built in global weather forecast to avoid going out when it’s supposed to rain or snow.

Additional features amount to invitation management, notifications for snooze, maps and nav, and a built-in location search that utilizes Google’s Places autocomplete.

9.) Awesome Calendar

Awesome Calendar is a really cool app. Packed with tons of features that not only make it its namesake “awesome”, this app is invaluable to those that are always on the move and planning something.

It’s an all in one tool.

Create an event and assign it. Take a picture to help you remember what the event is about.

Awesome Calendar includes the ability to apply stickers to calendar events.

You can also display events from 1-5 years ago to relive past experiences.

A personal diary with passcode locks and cloud support is also available.

You can sync with Google Tasks and bring over calendars from MobileMe, iCloud, Google Calendar, and Exchange.


If you want to go straight to the big leagues, check out our comparison of Apple Calendar vs. Google Calendar.

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