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15 Essential Google Calendar Shortcuts (You Need To Know)

Calendars are an essential part of working life. And if you’re like us, you want to improve your workflow.

Want 15 easy ways to input calendar commands quickly?

Check out this list of essential Google Calendar shortcuts we put together for you:

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15 Google Calendar Shortcuts You Need To Use

1.) Change your Calendar View to the Next Data Range

j or n


2.) Refresh Your Calendar



3.) Move to the Current Day  



4.) Move to Add a Calendar Section    



5.) Put your Cursor in the Search Box       



6.) Go to the Settings Page      



7.) Day View

1 or d


8.) Week View

2 or w


9.) Month View

3 or m


10.) Custom View

4 or x


11.) Agenda View

5 or a


12.) Creates a New Event



13.) Undo Last Action  

Cmd + z or z


14.) Print

Cmd + p


15.) Show List of Shortcut Keys

Cmd + ? or ?

Using These Essential Calendar Shortcuts

With these shortcuts, you can be sure to increase you productivity on Google Calendar.


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