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21 Essential WordPress Visual Text Editor Shortcuts

Just started your blog and wondering where to start?

Maybe you’re a WordPress veteran looking to better optimize your workflow.

Wherever you are in your web design journey, we compiled a list of essential and easy-to-use WordPress shortcuts for you.

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We’re going to start off with the basics that everyone should know if they want a masterfully formatted and quick blog writing experience. Many of these shortcuts are based on normal web navigation, so we’ll only do a quick rundown on the easy stuff.


General WordPress Text Navigation Shortcuts

1.) Undo



2.) Redo

Cmd-Shift-Z or Cmd-Y


3.) Change Header

Ctrl-Option 1,2,3 (Ctrl – ⌥ – Number)


4.) Travel to Top/Bottom of Page



5.) Option-Left/Right

Travel to the left/right of the current word


6.) Travel to the Beginning/End of the Line 



7.)Select a Word to the Left/Right of the Cursor

Option-Shift Left/Right


8.)Select All Words to the Left/Right of the Curs0r

Cmd-Shift Left/Right


9.)Refresh the Page


*helpful when your browser has saved a cache of the current site and isn’t updating as quickly as you’d like


WordPress Specific Shortcuts


WordPress on Mac has an affinity for the Ctrl-Option Keys. Because of this, you’ll have to reorient your shortcut mindset a tiny bit.


10.) Align Left, Center, Right

Ctrl-Shift- (L,C,R)


11.) Ordered Lists and Unordered Lists

Ctrl-Option O/U


12.) Insert More Tag

Ctrl-Option T


13.) Distraction Free Writing Mode



14.) Page Break Tag



15.) Quote Tab



16.) Insert Image

Option-Shift M


17.) Remove Link



18.) Insert Link



19.) Horizontal Line

— + Enter


20.) Tool Bar Toggle



21.) Open Keyboard Shortcuts


*Just in case, you forget these 😉


With these quick and easy WordPress shortcuts, your blog will be quick and optimized in no time.


Looking for more helpful blog content? Check out our post about Photoshop shortcuts to take your content to the next level.

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