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Geofencing Apps That Boost Productivity (And What Geofencing Is)

Geofencing is one of the most powerful features a marketeer can have.

It’s a tool that can let you hone in on a hot lead or a potential customer.

So what’s the deal?

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What is Geofencing?

Geofencing creates an invisible fence around a location on a map with mini-beacons.

These maps can be twisted and contoured into whatever shape or size you want.

The electronic perimeter can then send a signal to let companies know where you are using either cellular data or Wi-fi access points.

Tripping these perimeters can lead to greater marketing strategy and a more engaging interaction for the customer.

It’s a pretty amazing and powerful feature that a lot of folks still don’t know about.

Introduced in iOS5 a while back, this has quickly become a quite nifty tool.

Not only that but it can help us busybodies get more done in our lives.

We put together of list of great apps to help you organize, calendar, and boost your workflow!


Instapaper’s main function is to allow articles on the web to be saved and read for later.

Like Pocket, the save functionality is particularly powerful and the geofencing feature is incredibly convenient.

Instapaper’s use of geofencing automatically downloads your saved articles whenever you leave a location on one of its perimeters.



Apple’s to-do app that’s been with us for what feels like decades.

Reminders has great location-based reminders for each of your to-do items.

For example, if you need to grab milk from the grocery store, Apple Reminders can shoot you a little note “grab the milk” right when you walk in.

Pretty nifty and great for productivity.

Apple Maps:

While Apple Maps tends to be the butt of jokes in the map game – It’s clear to see that it’s developers were excited.

When you plop yourself in the car with geofencing activated, Apple Maps will tell you how the traffic is on the way to your house.



Square is great because it uses geofencing to detect nearby stores using your location.

It uses the information to show if the given store accepts Square or not.

This enables shoppers to use Square with the security of knowing their form of payment will go through.


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