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Hootsuite Update: A Blow To Productivity?

 The Hootsuite Update

On October 3rd, Hootsuite rolled out an update that limits free accounts to scheduling only 30 posts across accounts.

As you can imagine, I was alarmed:

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I’m a Digital Marketer at a very small start-up and we have a very very tight budget.

I depend on Hootsuite for a good portion of my work.

I monitor customer feeds. Engage in social outreach.

And most pivotal to this update:

I create and front-load content a month out across multiple platforms.

Needless to say, it was a blow to have my content limited to just 30 posts. And for clarification, that’s 30 posts altogether across channels.

So if you schedule 5 posts for your Twitter and Facebook accounts alone – that’s 10 posts, ⅓ of your allotted workspace.

Fortunately, the update is not retroactive. You retain the work you’ve already scheduled before the update.


However, the blow here is not to the companies that could shrug this slight increase in budgeting but to the smaller ones – where free programs like Hootsuite define the budget.

Not only for smaller business but also for personal productivity – lesser companies/self-starter individuals will have to wait around and spend more valuable time uploading posts for social presence.

It’s a not great for us. But there will always be new ways to be productive – this is only a setback.

For a comprehensive list of social media apps that digital marketers need to use, check out this post.

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