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5 Ways to Use OneScreen

Busy Bee. Chicken with its head cut off. Workaholic.

If you’ve ever been called this – you probably should check this out:

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OneScreen is an app that can help those busy bee workflow, those chicken sprints, and those workaholic night marathons.

With OneScreen you can organize your life in a visual way.

You can prioritize your meetings and places with a tap of the screen.

Even make socializing easier with OneScreen’s unique collection sharing system.

Ready to jump in and start connecting your life?

Let’s go.

5 Ways To Use OneScreen?

1.) Register with OneScreen

Alright let’s get the boring stuff out of the way:

First things first, if you want to unlock the full potential of OneScreen and share your collections with your friends and family – you’re going to need to register.

You can either sign up with your email or through Facebook – making registering as simple as connecting an account.


2.) Add Meetings and Locations

Unlock OneScreen’s powerful interface and sync up all of your calendars with it.

See exactly where you need to go on the map. The exact location and the distance will be visualized in front of you for easy access.

Never miss a meeting with OneScreen. From Facebook birthdays to important conference calls – connect it all through OneScreen.

3.) Share Collections with Friends

Make sure your social life is as put together as your work life with collections.

Gather all of your favorite places and show them to your friends!











4.) Join Our Trending Community

Bored of going to the same old places?

Check out what’s trending on Onescreen and see what our little community is doing!


5.) Find Your Way With OneScreen

OneScreen even connects with Google Maps and Apple native maps to give you the best route to your destination.

(Click here to figure out how you can be productive through a long drive)


5 Ways OneScreen Can Help You Be More Productive

OneScreen can help you be more productive with your day. Use OneScreen to organize all of that well-worn workload!


Check out how OneScreen has changed!

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