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iPhone Release (And How It Can Make You More Productive)

In just a few days, the iPhone X will be released – and it’s pronounced “iPhone Ten”, not “iPhone Ex” you heathen.

Apple geeks and tech enthusiasts everywhere are itching to see what Apple has in store in the newest iteration of the iPhone.

We’ve already seen enough coverage of its features and its components.

But what we’re excited about is how it’s going to change our work routine.

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The workflow that we run is pretty standard.

How is it going to make lives easier?

How is it going to make our experience more seamless?

And most importantly how can it help us do our jobs better?

We put on our lab coats and pulled out our Pomodoro clocks to theorize how exactly your day is going to be much much easier with the iPhone X.


How the iPhone X Can Help You Be More Productive

OLED Lights

Gone are the days of LED lights on the screens of our phones. With the iPhone X, your eyes will have a much better time adjusting to the lights.

Because of this you’re no longer going to struggle with being unable to see something because of the clarity of the screen. Apple has implemented actual dark pixels that don’t light up at all making darks darker and contrast much more comfortable.

No more turning on your phone in the middle of the night and saying “The Light, it burns!”

Well I mean, you’ll still probably hurt your eyes. But it definitely won’t be as bad because of all the true dark spots.

This’ll also help you nightowls to fall asleep.

If your eyes are stuck to the screen late at night, you’ll have an easier time falling asleep and potentially waking up to a more productive rest.

Granted, it’s still a pretty bad idea to use your phone right before you sleep but hey, if you’re gonna do it – it’ll be way better for you but… still bad so yeah.


Screen Size!

Ever try to open a spreadsheet on your phone and have it just completely skewed?

How about having to awkwardly stretch a doc in hopes of making out the pixels in a sentence?

Yeah, we’ve been there too.

Luckily with the new iPhone X and its 5.8-inch Super Retina screen there is ample room for all of your business needs.

Whether you’re combing through a spreadsheet for work or zooming in on a design element of a style guide – make your life easier and eyes hurt less with the new hand-filling device.


Water and Dust Resistant

It’s a problem that happens a lot:

Your device start to slow down because it incurs a little bit of damage.

Exposure from the rain or a sprinkle of dust slow down your phone – just a little.

Tiny things like this can really hamper your productivity – the dips in performance start adding up and cause a lot of issues in terms of time management.

With the iPhone X though, it’s a whole new world.

You can get through water and dust just fine. With surgical-grade stainless steel, no mites are going to get past your screen and into your hardware.

Hopefully, we can expect smooth sailing and a more productive mobile-based workflow with this.


A Quicker Gesture Interface

There a few little things that really seem like they’re going to add up in terms of productivity.

Instead of pressing a button, you can make a single swipe and get back to your home screen. Intuitive and refreshing – I can see this being incorporated into my workflow quickly and efficiently.


Content Creation On-The-Go

This one’s for your creators out there:

From bloggers to graphic designers, if you’re in the digital world this feature is a game changer.

Running late and see something that catches your eye? Take a high quality completely stabilized and beautiful photo with a quick snap.

Not only that but if you’re doing a quick snap or a proof of concept of work and your photographer isn’t on hand – check out the portrait mode that will revolutionize the creation of content.

Cut editing resources in half and do all of your post-image changes with the native photo editing interface on the iPhone X. Add lighting effects and color correct in a second – as long as you have the eye for it, you could probably do it.

It’s not hard to imagine how quick this can make your mock-ups and digital content. The content creation can really be streamlined and refined once you have the original image and concepts in place


A11 Bionic Chip

This is perhaps going to be the biggest improvement in Apple’s technology.

The A11 Bionic Chip has a neural engine that’s supposedly capable of up to 600 billion operations in a single second.

I don’t need to tell you that if this is true – there is a lot of potential here.


iPhone X Features That Will Boost Productivity

There are a lot of really great features with the iPhone X.

Sure, everyone’s crazy about the Animoji but there’s a lot more than that.

For us, productivity aficionados who try to maximize every part of the day and nerd over efficiency – it’s great to know that there are some little changes to boost our productivity.

From the streamline of minor functions to just more accessible UI assets, the iPhone X will hopefully be make all of our workflow dreams come true.


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