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iPhone X Specs: Is It Worth it?

The announcement of Apple’s iPhone X is a doozie for sure.

Pricing in at $999 / £999 / AU$1,579, Apple’s new product is sure to cost you a pretty penny. So with that kind of ask, the iPhone X should be some kind of sight, shouldn’t it?

Well, it is – in ways:

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This new wave of smartphone is revolutionary – that is without a doubt. With promising facial recognition software, interesting design choices, and a massive 5.8-inch screen – Apple has a lot going for it.

The screen is undeniably vivid and beautiful.


In Apple’s reveal video, Chief Design Officer Jony Ive flaunts the new iPhone in all its glory.



“An iPhone that is all display”

“Physical objects disappear into the experience”

“Polished stainless steel band-reinforced design”


It all sounds very nice doesn’t it?


So here’s comprehensive list of all the features and early concerns with the world’s favorite phone series.


An All Encompassing Screen:

The screen showcases an 1125 x 2136 OLED display.

The switch from the normal LCD screen is a drastic one for image quality.

On an LCD screen, even black pixels are lit up a bit.

But with Apple’s True Tone OLED display, you’ll be seeing true blacks. This means your darks will be darker and your colors will be richer.


But what about the bezel?


Everyone seems to be going crazy about the bezel fixture. Honestly, it doesn’t seem like it’s that much of a bother – though it is strange that Apple, a company renowned for sleek design decided to keep this in.

Actually, I have more concerns about clumsy fingers leading to a phone with a less than ideal screen integrity.

Or – as an aside, will greasy disgusting thumbprints-after-cheeseburger-meals be forever populating my screen?


Asking for a friend.


True Depth Camera:

This was a riot when Apple first revealed it. The fascinating technology of cameras finally reaching into the future, right?


Well kinda.


Don’t get us wrong. This new camera is absolutely stunning and the features that accompany it are neat.

The iPhone X flaunts a Facial-ID system, mapping your unique features with over 30 THOUSAND invisible dots that supposedly adapt to your physical changes.

Using its A11 Bionic Chip, Apple said this camera could even recognize you in the dark.


The real turning point though is the fact that by just looking at your phone, users will be able to unlock it.


So now as Apple can creepily track your movement everywhere and know everything about what you look like – you can stare back creepily and menacingly as the robotic singularity slowly engulfs us all.


The only concern here is that when Apple showed it off – they had some difficulty getting it to work completely properly. They had to go through a few tries and awkwardly finagle it to eventually work.

Hopefully Apple plans on honing in on this feature because honestly if I’m going to be dead staring at my phone screen it may as well be while I’m scrolling through Reddit.


Rear-facing Camera

Capture slow-motion film in higher definition or shooot film-style in 4k.

Apple’s really bringing the heat with its new camera – fitting a lot in little.


With a new portrait lighting mode, you’ll be able to tweak the flash on the back of the iPhone X to really nail that shot.

Adjust clarity and blur backgrounds to really make your subject pop.



Move over Nikolai Tesla, the crowning achievement of human technology has arrived.


Apple revealed to us this beauty in their teaser – The Animoji.


According to Apple, the Animoji brings to life various emojis by mapping 50 facial muscles in real time. So the poop emoji can finally come to life with the unique geometry of your face.


Dreams do come true.


Wireless Charging:

Apple’s been a little slow to start with the wireless charging.

With Palm and Android already having wireless chargers since 2009, it’s taken some time to get there. But Apple, using Qi wireless technology in the Airpower charger mat is trying to take back some space.


While there are some concerns on this mat, it’s nice to see Apple finally start implementing this already existing technology.


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