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Tricks to Help You Be Productive Through Your Commute

Ever feel miserable after a long commute?

To tired after your long trip to get anything YOU want to do done?


We know that feeling all too well –


Here’s a comprehensive list of tips and tricks to keep you motivated after a long commute:

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5 Tricks To Help You Work Through the Commute


1.) Don’t Eat Too Much

Try not to eat a gigantic amount at lunch.

Stay away from the coma inducing meals that can leave you unconscious and mess with your energy levels.

It can be tempting to go for that cheeseburger or two slices of pizza but chances are they might hurt you more than they help you in the long run.

If your body is getting tired after the meal, it means that your body is having a difficult time to break down the food.

If this is happening to you – lay off the heavy meal – try out a salad or a light snack.

It could do wonders for your productivity.


2.) Have Some LIGHT Caffeine


Don’t be like Fry

If you find yourself eating supper at a reasonable time – try having a warm cup of tea or light coffee alongside it.

This can provide you with a little bit of kick to boost you through a light workload after hours.

Just be careful with the amount you can handle – you could have yourself stuck awake until 1.

And sleepless nights will definitely not benefit your productivity.


3.) Subscribe to a Structured Course

If you’re trying to learn a skill or teach yourself to get ahead – commuter life can be rough.

Dramatic re-enactment of commuter just trying to learn


You only have so many hours to yourself to be productive. And it’s easy to get lost in a tired daze when you get home.

Having something a little more structured while you’re at home can help you push yourself to create and work just a little more.

Just put on a lecture from Lynda and try to keep up with the material – set yourself longterm goals and try your best to retain as much as you can.

Watch your progress increase and you’ll feel like this after your commutes:

Actual re-enactment of YOU using this tip


4.) Set Time Limits.

Setting a certain period for yourself to do something can be great for your productivity. Whether you accomplish it or not – setting a time limit can help you figure out exactly where your work efforts are going.

Along the way, set smaller short term goals with time limits for you to accomplish.

This can give you a more immediate sense of what you need to do and much more realistic idea of how long tasks will take you.


5.) Go to Sleep!

If all is said and done and you can’t keep up – take a nap.

There is no shame in at least trying to get something done.

But when it comes down to it – calling it a night early and resting up for the next day is nothing to sneeze at. Having a good sleep cycle is integral to maintaining body chemistry and


5 Workflow Tricks After A Long Commute

Use these 5 Commuter tips to reach your full potential after those long bus rides or dazing train hikes!


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