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The 7 Best Social Media Management Apps (You’ve Never Heard Of)

Sick of staring at screen and mindlessly cycling through the same tasks?

Wanna spend more time focusing on your business instead of scheduling posts manually?

Looking for new ways to speed up your social media workflow?

Us too, that’s why we made this:

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Our list of the 7 Best Social Media Management Tools (You’ve Never Heard Of)




Oktopost is primarily a B2B platform in which every aspect of granular social detail you need can be seen. Often cited as having one of the best analytic tools in the game – its main contender is (unsurprisingly) Hootsuite. Relatively cheap, Oktopost has a generous offer of unlimited accounts connected in its Business Plan.



Not only that but the content section is a powerful curation tool that finds relevant content based on what content you’ve already posted. With integrations for Marketo and Salesforce, Oktopost is a behemoth for social marketing entrepreneurs.


Meet Edgar




Thinking your social media optimization platforms don’t have enough personality?


Well, we’d like to formally introduce you to our friend Edgar.


Edgar is a growing platform that has some pretty unique functionality. At its core, Edgar helps you schedule all of your posts across multiple channels. But like the quiet kid in the classroom who is now wildly successful – Edgar is so much more.


Edgar’s big quirk is that it allows you to easily and effectively repost content.


Doesn’t sound particularly spectacular does it?

Well, it will after you take into consideration that once you post your amazing video, picture, or story it gets lost in the ether forever. This brings us to the ultimate social conundrum, your content on first-glance is either seen or not seen by an audience depending on their online activity. And when you realize that on average only about 20% of your audience will see a single post – that’s a real game changer.



Edgar lends a helping hand by saving all of that content you’ve worked so hard on and pushes them into its library while grouping them into relevant categories. After saving your content cache, you can automate specific behavior so Edgar can keep refreshing your audience with content they might not have had the chance to scroll through.



So let’s say you’ve built up a good stack of old blog posts and you want to show them in all of their informative glory to your audience. Just going over and manually rescheduling them can be a big pain and a real time sink.

But this is why we love Edgar:

You can specifically query your past blog categories that you think haven’t had enough love and set up a custom time each week for that specific topic. Edgar will then take that information and conveniently brings home the bacon for you so you can focus on more pressing issues.

Evergreen content without another sweat on your brow – easy as pie!




IFTTT stands for If This Then That. But we prefer to say “IFTTTTTTT” and spit all over our computer screens for emphasis.


IFTTT is a stupidly easy way to automate simple tasks on social and your phone. IFTTT uses “recipes” which are miniature “if-then” statements that can help manage the small tasks.

Let’s say you get a tweet, IFTTT can automatically draft a response for you once you input the recipe for it.

Don’t be scared by the logical nature of the “if-then” formulas either – IFTTT’s interface is easy and intuitive. Just tap the tasks and responses you’d like to get done – then you’re free to go and get started on the bigger problems.

With integrations for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, and more – IFTTT can be a real hero when it comes to time management.





Another B2B platform, Seattle’s Socedo is describe as a social demand generation platform.

An astute user can tap into social signals and understand those who are interested in your business.

Socedo can then help you connect to your audience and potential leads. Sliding into these DM’s, this nifty tool can help your workflow fully capitalize on your potential opportunities.


Social Flow

Social Flow is a social media optimization app that allows you to fully understand your unique audience demographic. The app makes use of real-time data to fully understand your unique audience demographic.

Social Flow offers a full detail on how a brand is performing on social media and sends interest-specific content to a user once it is mentioned enough in their posts.

Say, you’re a company selling boxing gloves – you’d obviously want to target boxers, sports vendors, and fitness entrepreneurs right? Add long tail phrases like “best boxing glove” and “in need of boxing gloves”.

After those potential clients express a need for boxing gloves through your keyword queries enough times, Social Flow will notify you that potential low-hanging fruit is ripe for picking!


A strong contender for best social media platform for small and home businesses. Buffer has graced the screens of many growing businesses. With its in-depth analytic system and robust scheduling, Buffer allows for an optimized workflow. For around $10/a month, users can have access to unlimited posts, support for up to 12 social profiles, and have more than one personal account.


Buffer also partners with Tweriod which looks at your account and analyzes the best times for your account to post. While convenient, the scheduled time aren’t always the best when it comes to urgent posts. Fear not however, if you don’t want to follow their given times you can easily change them manually.


Buffer also has offers a browser extension for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari that lets you share content from any page that you’re browsing on. With a quick download, you’ll be able to tap a small icon to schedule and share a link via buffer in a matter of seconds!



Head’s up, folks. This one will take your Pinterest game to a completely new level.


Tailwind is a scheduling platform for Pinterest which is tailored specifically to be quick and seamless. The main purpose of Tailwind is to make your pinning process completely automated and intelligently designed.

After signing up, Tailwind’s algorithm crunches your profile numbers to automatically give you a personalized database of pinnable content, peak times to post, and more. Once you have this setup, adding pins to your schedule is as easy as a few clicks.

Tailwind even offers a quick queue with a single click and adds it to your smart schedule. Just like that, Tailwind streamlines your pinning content and turns 18 pins to 10 seconds of work.


Whether you’re running an account manager for several big name brands or a small business owner – this list of 7 Social Media Management Apps will hopefully have what you need to spend less time working and more time

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